Holly Mother
Krikor Lusavoriç


Born to a nobel family in Ecmiadzin (20km west of Yerevan) Surp Kirkor Lusavoric who became an influence on King Dırtad, his princes and the army as well as the entire Armenian Society, he achieved to found the first Christian State of history in Armenia. The word “Lusavoric” means ‘the enlightener ‘in Armenian language and since he enlightened Armenian community with Christian Faith he is comemorated by this name.

After losing his family and relatives to a palace conspiracy, Surp Kirkor Lusavoric was taken away by the servants to Kayseri when he was a little kid.

In this time period Kayseri was a very powerful center of Christianity. He was raised by an adoptive Christian mother, studied Christianityand baptised by Primate Leontios. Later on he got married to a christian called Maryam (daughter of David) who gave him 2 sons Vırtanes & Arisdages.

Surp Kirkorreturned to Armenia and served to King Dırtad in the palace for a while. During a celebration dedicated to King, he announced that he was a Christian and refused to participate the sacrifice ceremony dedicated to goddess Anahit and the fire.

Thereupon he was tortured and left to detah inside a well in an underground dungeon that will be mentioned os KHORVIRAP. In the following 12 years he managed to survive miraculosly with the tremendous God Faith in him and a widow’s help by slipping him stale bread to eat.

In the meantime Hıripsime and Kayane known as the most faithful female saintsby the church were massacred by King Dırtad. Dırtad was attracted by the beauty of virgin Hıripsime and asked her to be his wife but she refused. Kayane was called to convince her pupil however she encouraged Hıripsime ro be resolute on her decision and she chose spiritual satisfaction over earthly fame and honor.King Dırtad was powerful but he felt a deep emberrasment for having lost against a young virgin. Eventuallyhe went mad and demanded the 2 virgins’ execution along with the other virgin fellows.

After the massacre the bodies of those virgins stayed out in the open for 9 days however none of the carnivores approached her.Wheron King Dırtad became insane and contracted a disease called Lycantropy.

King’s sister was told in one of her dreams that her brother could only be rescued by prayers of Surp Kirkor Lusavoric. A group of people leaded by a noble called Oda Amaduni went to Khor Virap. They were perplexed when they saw Surp Kirkor was stil alive.After being redeemed from the well, Surp Kirkor Lusavoric prayed for the king and recovered him from disease.

After getting well King Dırtad declared Christianity as the state’s official religion and honored Armenians to be the first Christian State in history. Surp Kirkor then returned to Kayseri and became the first patriarch of the church.

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