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Krikor Lusavoriç


Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Kilisesi
In the present time, Surp Kirkor Lusavoric Church is known as the oldest Armenian Orthodox Church in Kayseri.First mentioned of in 1191, after having numerous renovations our church was able to survive till present.Whilst about to collapse in the mid 19th century it was started to be rebuilt in 1859 and completed with financial supports of tradesmen in meat business, artists and laborship efforts of men women and children from different classes of society.

Even though this church is rather smaller than the ones in Kayseri, yet having been surrounded by Armenian neighborhood gives it a very cozy atmosphere.Gumusyan School located next to it is currently a ruin.


After this major renovation , a marble tablet was placed above the main gate on which the details of the renovation were explained. In 1996 it was opened for worships by 2 charitable Kayserian brothers.

Our church was built on a 3 nave basilica plan. The mid nave is seperated from side naves. Interior is built with arcs in direction of North-South, East-West.

These arcs constitute 3 rectangle and a square section.Top of the mid nave and east&west sections are vaulted, side naves are ovale vaulted and cross arch barrels. The west side consists of a nartex covered with 3 cross arch barrels. On top of this nartex is placed the gallery. The entrance of the church is built with 5 columnsand a half dome. The worship section is decorated with frescoes and the paintings of Saints.

Completed in 1191, the 820 year old Surp Kirkor Lusavoric church which was founded in 1461 with the mandate of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han was dependent to Istanbul Armenian Patriarchate and stands still with supports of donators and the board of foundation.Being the oldest in Middle Anatolia this church is known as the only Armenian Church that is open for worships.